29 March 2015

The calm before the storm

Ahh, it's been too long. 

We haven't posted anything in almost 3 weeks, and I feel like if I don't take any new pictures soon my mind may explode! My hands have been itching to write something for days, all these sentences floating around in my mind waiting to be written down. My camera is sitting on the shelf gathering dust ,and all the looks I've been planning to shoot are waiting patiently in my wardrobe.

University work has pretty much taken over every aspect of my life at the moment. I've been spending all my free time watching films and preparing for exams, studying studying studying. I don't think I've ever put so much time into uni work! It's been getting a little overwhelming lately, and it's important to take a break and have a cookie, watch an episode of Brooklyn 99. Non stop revision will end up driving you a little mad! 

The good thing is that this should all be over in the next two weeks; no more exams and university essays to worry about! I can just sit back and relax and prepare for our holiday! 

I just hope the weather brightens up a little before then! Hope you all have a lovely sunday evening, I'm spending it re-watching season 4 of Supernatural :3 x

Summer x

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