12 March 2015

20th Birthday

Hello everyone!

Just a little small update post today. Yesterday, Holly & I celebrated our 20th birthday! Thankfully, some of our lessons had been cancelled so we didn't have to spend the entire day at uni! Instead, we got up in the late morning, sat down and enjoyed breakfast, put some music on and opened up some cards we received! We are very lucky to have a big family, and so thankful for all of the birthday wishes. We then spent the afternoon clothes shopping with a dear friend, ran into some other friends which was a lovely surprise and then Holly & I had a look around the book shop before coming back to the flat and chilling for the rest of the evening. I only took a few snaps that day as I didn't want to worry about capturing every single moment etc. My 19th year was incredible, and as always it's a little sad growing up, but we are both excited for the times ahead. Looking forward to seeing what our 20th has in store for us!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Love, Summer x

Birthday treat!


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