7 February 2015

Flickers Of Blue

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year where all you want to do is wear all your new spring clothes but the weather won't allow it. Hence why we took these outfit pictures inside, Holly & I are both recovering from colds and it's freeezing outside! I have so many springtime looks that I can't wait to shoot once the weather warms up a little! Until then, here are so outfits that we've been wearing recently!

Holly is wearing this gorgeous Topshop cut out dress that she bought over Christmas. It's perfect for nights out, as you don't need to "add anything to it" kind of thing, the splashes of blue on the print are so eye catching and the cut is lovely! If I were to pick a jacket to go with it, I would choose my black suede peccary biker jacket from mango or even a leather jacket!
I'm wearing a more casual day look today, the kind of look I wear to uni. Those who see me every day know that this is my go-to look, skinny jeans and a jumper. I always try to add a little fun to my looks when I can, and lately I've been wearing awesome socks with cute prints on them. Whenever I go back to England for a few days, I always end up buying more socks because they are just too cute.

We had some lovely good news this week-end! Holly & I both passed our 3rd semester at uni studying film and theater, and we couldn't be more happier (or relieved!!) This means we are half way through our degree! Soo naturally we're celebrating by watching a few episodes of Supernatural and working on the blog. Oh, and a cheeky buy from Zara hehe. Have a lovely week-end !!
Summer x



Holly is wearing:
Dress + shoes: Topshop

Summer is wearing:
Jumper: Zara
Jeans: Asos
Shoes: Doc Martens
Socks: Topshop


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