27 February 2015

Down The Street

I can't believe February has already come to an end, this year is going by so fast! We took these pictures today down our road, it's so nice to spend time shooting outside in the sunshine and not having your fingers go numb! We haven't been very active on social media/our blog recently, mainly  because of the cold weather but also because our uni course is always keeping us so busy. We are finally on half term now, and we can't wait to spend some more time working on it! We also plan on watching a load of films, having a Marvel marathon and Lord of The Rings marathon.
The next couple of weeks will be spent celebrating birthdays (our family's bdays all occur within 3 weeks!) other than that, we're concentrating on finishing our 2nd year at university before going off on holiday, eek!
I hope you're all having a lovely week, enjoy your week-end! 
Holly xxxx



Holly is wearing : 

Cropped jumper : Topshop
Quilted skirt : H&M
Shoes & scarf : Zara
Biker Jacket : Mango

Summer is wearing : 

Paisley blouse & coat : Zara
Ripped jeans & bags : ASOS
Boots : Topshop


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