9 January 2015

The Winds Of Winter

Hello everyone!

This is our first outfit post of 2015! We hit the sales this week, and once again Zara did not let us down. Everything that I had tried on a few weeks earlier were on sale! It's probably one of the few shops that actually make an effort for the sales, as so many seem to just put all the unwanted leftover clothes on sale. Needless to say I have spent pretty much all of my Christmas money! I finally found a wood green winter coat! When we took these pictures, I kind of felt like Peggy Carter. (Has anyone watched Agent Carter yet? It's reallyyy good.) It's quite sophisticated and smart, the only thing that I have to get used to is the little coat buckle thingy, but I love the color so much. Holly bought this amazing winter coat in England over Christmas, and it's like a quilt/blanket cover. It is so, SO warm and comfortable, which is what a winter coat is all about! These are our last few days of holidays before returning to uni next week, so we are making the most of it by sleeping, working on the blog, and binge watching tv shows.

 I'm sure everyone has heard of the horror that is happening in Paris right now, and it is truly terrifying to think that this is happening in the country I'm living in, only a few hours away, and the fact that one of our best friends studies there. The messages of support that France has received over the past two days have been so touching and incredible, and we hope that this comes to an end soon. 
#JeSuisCharlie .



Holly is wearing:
Jumper+bag: Zara
Coat+shoes: Topshop
Skirt: H&M

Summer is wearing:
Coat+bag: Zara
Dress: Newlook
Shoes: Doc Martens


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