8 January 2015

Details // rings

I love the idea of owning a piece of jewelry that you rarely take off, and my two silver rings are constantly with me. I have been wearing them for at least two years now. It's a habit of mine to check they are still there, it's become something that I associate with my self, my identity. It's strange how something like a piece of jewelry can eventually become something symbolic.
I bought these gorgeous rings from H&M over Christmas, they are so beautiful and delicate, adding a nice little touch to a look! I didn't own any golden rings before hand, as I usually only wear sterling silver, and I think we've all experienced a time where we buy some cheap jewelry only to have it tarnish a few days later. Apparently the colour loss can be prevented by sealing the jewelry in small plastic bags or somewhere with little oxygen!

Looking back at these pictures,  they have a with/coven feel to them ahaa. This is Holly's notebook that my grandparents gave us, I also have one, and they are so pretty! The two small mirrors are Christmas presents from Amsterdam by our parents, I love them so much, the design is sleek and elegant and the drawing on the front is gorgeous!   Summer x


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