28 December 2014

Photo Diary - Part 2 // Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone!

Today I arrived back home after spending a while in England for Christmas! I absolutely love going  back to England, but after a while I crave the quiet and peacefulness of the countryside. It's so lovely being able to see family & friends, but constantly rushing around day after day is soo tiring!

I have to say, I didn't dress up a lot over Christmas. Most of the time I wore casual outfits, mostly skinny jeans and jumpers with my trusty old ankle boots. (and my zebra onesie of course, I had way too many food comas!) Not very fashion blogger of me I know! I always struggle packing clothes and shoes when travelling, booking a suitcase can be sooo expensive and you have to take in account that you will probably be bringing things back too! I got some lovely pressies for Christmas, some of which I will share in a post in the next few days! I will also probably do a wish list post too sometime. In the meanwhile, I thought I would share the pictures I took in Winter Wonderland last week! 

Winter Wonderland is in Hyde Park in London, it was the first time Holly & I went so we didn't really know what to expect! It's a collection of food stands, gift stores, bars, Roller Coasters, a few live bands playing throughout the venue and of course the Christmassy atmosphere is so wonderful! Hope you guys are having a lovely week, I plan on watching loads of movies & eating ferrero rochers everyday! xxx


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