21 December 2014

Photo diary - a day in London // Part 1

Hello everyone!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that Summer & I have been in England the past few days to celebrate Christmas with our family! We decided to come over a couple of days before our parents + brother so we could get some shopping done and see some of our friends (we actually live in France). This worked out really well, not only did we manage to see some of our family, we also managed to meet up with our best friends Jake & Amanda, neither of us has seen the other for nearly 6 months, we were so excited and we had such a great time!

I absolutely love London, it's my favorite city, and it doesn't hold back Christmas time : there are festive decorations & lights everywhere, in every shop and street, every house, music fills the air wherever you go, & you can really feel the positive energy.. everything is just so pretty!
We kicked off our Thursday with a quick trip to Topshop in Oxford St, where I bought this beautiful oversize winter coat. After that, we made our way towards Covent Garden to meet with Jake & Amanda. Covent Garden is always very busy : there are street performers, hundreds of shops, a market & several restaurants. The lights there were truly beautiful, & there were decorations everywhere, including a huge Christmas tree! After Covent Garden, we walked to Leicester Square, (which was also super busy) before going to Camden. After walking around the stalls of Camden Lock for a while, we decided to take a break and have a nice proper catch up over some coffee & cookies.
One of the best things about London is it's public transport system, with a travel card you can go anywhere within the 6 zones, it's so easy to get about, which is why we always end up going everywhere in one day.
How are you spending your Christmas? Hope you all have an amazing week of festivities, and enjoy some awesome food. (I'm currently waiting for my Chinese takeaway to arrive.. too many temptations here!!). Merry Christmas!!x
 Holly xxx

Jake, Holly & Amanda



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