5 December 2014

Winchester Plaid

Lately I've been struggling to come up with cool blog post titles, so I've decided to just throw in random references to shows/books I've been watching/reading. Juuuuust to make things more interesting :D
I have no idea how we ended up having any shots for this post, we were outside for literally no more than 5 minutes because IT WAS SO COLD.

Also looking back I kinda have the whole homeless look going on here..? I bought this plaid flannel shirt in Zara when we were in Chicago, mostly because it reminded me of my favorite fictional character, but also because it's super soft and warm, I needed some new long-sleeved shirts for the winter so I'm super happy with this one! With the weather being so cold I decided to layer up with my long cardigan from h&m. They also look a bit crinkled. I probably should have ironed everything first but life is just too short and I was just too damn cold. (we haven't left the flat today. I'm currently sitting in the dark in my onesie with a quilt cover and a scarf around me, listening to the Star Trek movie soundtrack.)
Summer dug out this old monochrome skirt from Topshop, and played with textures for her outfit, she paired it with the beloved green peccary jacket from Mango, & the lovely warm scarf from Zara.

Summer & I are really grateful for every single comment from you guys, please remember to leave a link to your blog so we can look at it!!
Hope you all have a lovely week-end!!
Holly xxx



Holly is wearing : 

Plaid shirt & shoulder bag : Zara
Boyfriend coat : Topshop
Lace up boots : Camden Market
Long cardigan : H&M

Summer is wearing : 

Green Peccary jacket : Mango
Scarf : Zara
Monochrome skirt : Topshop
Doc Martens
Box Bag : ASOS


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