1 December 2014

Funky Christmas Jumper

Okay guys. It's the 1st of December. Which means it's time to start panicking. Time to start buying presents and finding places to hide them. Time to make preparations for the festive week. Time to mentally & physically prepare yourself for the huge amount of food you'll be consuming in 25 days. But come on, it's really time to dig out your embarrassing Christmas jumpers. Let's be honest, Christmas wouldn't be the same without them, right?!
Summer & I received this jumper from Funky Christmas Jumpers, it's our first ever blogger mail, so we were super super excited about it! It's actually a really great quality jumper, & it's soft and really warm, & honestly it does put me in a festive mood, even though I laugh at myself every time I wear it ^^ If you guys are looking for a funny present for someone this Christmas they have loads more designs on their website :) 
Hope you're all having a great week, and that you all recover from the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. (Gutted. Ugh.)
Holly xxx


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