11 November 2014


Wait, is that mustard?!
 I spent ages in the dressing room trying to decide whether I should buy this or not. I usually shy away from yellow colors as most of the time it clashes with my hair. but since I have this weird naturally dark roots situation I thought it didn't look too bad. (Plus my Mum told me to buy it & mums always know best.) This was the first time Holly & I shot some outfit looks since Chicago, deleting the pictures off my memory card was a little depressing, but it was such an amazing experience so we can only smile that it happened! Soo the weather is so cold now & night falls alot sooner. Taking pictures in this kind of weather is always a little challenging, especially when your fingers go numb and you can't press any buttons! 

Today I'm wearing this oversized knit jumper with my favourite ripped skinny jeans. This is the kind of look I wear to university as it's comfy & casual. Holly is wearing this long cardigan with a new high waisted black skirt, perfect for a casual day out. I have this love/hate relationship with cardigans, sometimes I really struggle finding the right one to wear for a specific look, but this one is great for skirts and dresses as the length is just right! Hope you guys are having a good week so far xx

Summer is wearing:
Knit jumper: H&M (new)
Shirt: Mango
Skinnies & bag: Asos
Shoes: Doc Martens

Holly is wearing:
Top: Mango
Cardigan+skirt: H&M (new)
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Camden Market


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