5 November 2014

Chicago - Part II

Hello guys!

Ok, I'm in such a good mood today. Summer, Kate & I had a big presentation to do in front of our class at Uni and nailed it, and got a good note. Oh, and One Night Only's new song is out, and it feels so GOOD to hear some new music from them!

I thought tonight would be a good time to share the rest of the photos we took in Chicago just over a week ago. I miss it so much, I'm feeling so nostalgic, I really hope we get to go back soon! 
This lot of pictures were taken in the afternoon, just after our *huge* lunch at Burrito Beach.
We made our way towards Navy Pier, and decided to go on the Ferris Wheel (thinking about Divergent!) It was pricey but well worth the view, we were lucky to be blessed with such gorgeous weather! After a hot chocolate and green tea, we went shopping (again.) before going up the John Hancock building. Once again the ticket prices were expensive, but it's something I don't regret for one moment : the views from above were stunning. It was just after sunset, and we ended up staying for over an hour- it was such a beautiful moment, the best way to end the day. It's definitely worth doing if you visit Chicago! 
Enjoy! Hope you're all having a great week :) 
Holly xxx

View from the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier.

Navy Pier 


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