3 November 2014

Chicago // Part I

Hello everyone!

    It was mid-december when Holly ran into my room to tell me that Mum had bought us Chi-Con tickets. I can't believe how quickly time has gone past these last few months. We decided to stay an extra day in Chicago after the convention, and so, on Monday, we got up early to explore to city of Chicago. We have been to the states before, we used to go to Florida every year when we were kids, but never have I been to a huge city filled with skyscrapers, busy streets filled with people... I fell in love with this place the moment I walked out of the train station. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the atmosphere was something entirely different to any other city I have been to. Everyone seemed laid-back and carefree. It was wonderful. We started the day off by going to the Millennium Park, because I reallly wanted to see the giant bean, (I just had to see it!) which was succeeded by a little shopping on the Magnificent Mile where I was finally able to purchase some beauty products that are impossible to get hold of in France. (Look out for a beauty post soon!) & the customer service was so incredibly helpful! For lunch, we chose Burrito Beach, simply because it smelt so, SO good. This pretty much fueled me for the day! After our lunch, we wondered around the city before going to the Navy Pier, where my parents went to on their honeymoon!  For those wondering, Chicago is known as the "The Windy City", but we were so incredibly lucky with the weather that day, it was sunny, warm & clear all day. It may not have been windy in the city but on the Pier was a different story! Nonetheless, it is truly beautiful there and worth walking around. The skyline view of the city is breathtaking. Unfortunately they were doing some construction work on the pier, so a few shops were shut, but it didn't disrupt much, and we were still able to appreciate all it's beauty. 
In this PART I, I've put pictures from Millennium Park until our Burrito Beach lunch stop as we took so many pics! ( And of course more details on our looks!) Enjoy x
Summer xxx


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