27 November 2014

Chicago in 35mm film!

Hello everyone!

We're finally home for the week-end! It's amazing whenever I come back to the countryside I rediscover all the different foods I use to eat, as my current student diet is toast, muesli with yogurt and fajita's. This won't last much longer as we only have a week or so of lessons left this semester! (& we're currently saving up for Christmas!)

I can't believe this time last month, I was walking around Chicago. I will always remember walking around the city at dusk, the city lights illuminating the night sky, and of course listening to everyone's american accent! Standing at the top of the John Hancock tower was an experience I will never forget. There's something quite magical about gazing at the city from above, every single car reduced to the size of an ant. I spent ages just following the line of traffic going through the city, the planes lining up in the sky getting ready to land... Gosh I miss it so much. (& of course meeting the cast of Supernatural. I'm still not over it!) This trip put so many things into perspective. We're so lucky we live in a world that is so connected, where you can just buy a plane ticket one day & be on the other side of the planet on another. I made me realize how silly it was to constantly worry about university and silly little things in life. Life is so much more than that. At the moment I just want to finish my  degree at university & then hopefully take a gap year travelling. I'll stop here before I get too deep and philosophical! Here are the film pictures we took on our canon A1 during our Chicago trip. A couple are a little out of focus due to my excitement and eagerness to capture every single moment! Enjoy :)
Summer x


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