17 November 2014

A little beauty post!

Hello everyone!

In Chicago a few weeks ago, I went a little crazy when we went shopping. Although you can order a lot of make up products online in France, there are still so many that are impossible to get hold of here! So as soon as we walked into Sephora, my jaw dropped and I just stared at all the beauty products that I had been hoping to buy for so long. I actually made a list of the ones I wanted beforehand, & we were able to get pretty much all of them! I wish I had bought more, but money soon adds up, so hopefully I'll be able to buy some stuff in London this Christmas! Hopefully we will do another beauty post soon so you can see how we wear the products. 

smashbox camera ready BB Cream in shade fair
  • First of all, the Smashbox BB Cream is incredible. It feels so light and fresh on the skin, & it gives a slightly dewy look without going greasy after 1 hour or so. It also offers great sun protection, SPF 35, so perfect for wearing whilst on holiday. It really does cover my skin perfectly, it doesn't go cakey or a strange color like most BB creams I've used!

NARS Contour Blush in Olympia
  • We also decided to buy our first contour, we chose the NARS contour blush in the shade Olympia, because we've heard so many positive things about it! We haven't used it yet as we're hoping to buy some new brushes soon! Normally I just use bronzer under my cheekbones to give a bit more definition to my face and to give it a little colour. I'm pretty happy I have quite prominent cheek bones, so I always make the most of them by wearing blush & bronzer.

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia

  • I fell in love with this eyeshadow. I haven't used it in any recent posts, but it truly brighten's up your eyes, all you need is a coat or two of mascara and you're ready to go! Although I usually wear this shimmery colour in the summer months, it looks great with f/w looks as the colour is pretty subtle. We decided to buy the NARS wet/dry eyeshadow brush with this as we didn't have one for this kind of eyeshadow (which can be applied with a dampened brush for a more "intense" look!)

MAC eyeshadow in Mythology & Satin Taupe

  • Ok. Time to talk about my personal favourite. I heard so many good things about the MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe (on the right!) I had been looking for a taupe eyeshadow for this autumn/winter, & I can honestly say this did not disappoint! The colour is gorgeous, I love wearing it with a flick of eyeliner or just on it's own with a nice coat of mascara (which is what I usually do for uni!) I think it really warms up my look as I usually wear alot of neutrals & browns, so in winter I tend to "warm up" my make-up, because otherwise my face is just as pale as a sheet! Mythology is also beautiful, it's a lot more daring I think, it's great for a night out or any special occasion.

NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Tonkin & Montego Bay

Nars "Montego Bay"
  • Recently I've been trying to wear lipstick more often. It's amazing how it can change a look in an instant, whether it's a dramatic evening look or just to add a little "more" to your everyday look. I personally love wearing pinky & "natural" looking lipsticks, so it looks as natural as possible. Montego Bay is just amazing. I will probably do a more detailed post on some of our make-up looks!

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