7 October 2014

Day out by the coast

Hello everyone!

Just a short post today. We've had a lot of uni work recently, but we have loads of posts planned, looking forward to shooting some content at the end of the week!
In the meanwhile, here are some pictures we took at La Rochelle on a day out with some family! Since pretty much all of our family lives back in England, it's always so nice to have them over even if it's only for a short while! & So we all spent the day in the lovely town of La Rochelle, had a meal & went to the aquarium. There's something so peaceful and relaxing about aquariums. I just haven't figured out what yet.
Also, my fall/winter wishlist is growing out of control. I say this all the time. but I really REALLY need to invest in some new jewelry & accessories! & another coat. Or some heeled ankle boots...

Have a lovely week! S&H x


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