11 October 2014


Hello everyone!!

I can't wait for this week to be over, I have a presentation to do in front of my class this thursday & I just want to get it over and done with. It's preventing me from doing anything else outside of uni which is so frustrating. Anyway, today Holly & I got up early and hit the shops! I've been meaning to buy a new handbag recently, a medium size bucket bag maybe, but there are so many bags on the zara website that I am currently obsessing over... There's an amazing leather burgundy one that I might ask for for Christmas hehe. But today I came across this gorgeous burgundy city bag which was at a great price considering it's size! It's perfect for going home for the week-end or even if you're going away for a few days. We've fallen for the flannel shirt, this one is just perfect with jeans. I also got this jumper on sale for only 10 euros! It's just so damn comfortable.



Holly is wearing:
Beanie: Zara
Flannel shirt: H&M (new)
Jeans: Asos
Bag: Zara (new)
Shoes: Doc Martens

Summer is wearing:
Jumper: H&M (new)
Lace top/Jeans: Asos
Bag: River Island
Scarf: Zara


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