21 October 2014

A little update // Chicago!

Hello everyone!

A little update : tomorrow Summer & I will be on our way to Paris, the first stop on our way to America! We'll take the plane from there to Canada, then to Chicago. We're so SO excited to be attending the Chicago Supernatural Convention which is in it's tenth year! The convention is 3 days long, and to be honest I'm not quite sure what it will be like as I haven't done much research, probably because I still can't quite believe that WE'RE ACTUALLY GOING.
Supernatural will always be one of my all-time fave tv shows, We've been watching it ever since it first aired in 2005, it's currently on it's 10th season, one of the longest ever running TV shows, and it still remains SO GOOD. I'm so passionate about stories, film/cinema, and  have to say that the Winchester Brother's story is amazing, even in it's 10th season.
I'm a huge fan of the actors who star in it, and I honestly can't believe this is happening, I feel so lucky and grateful. After the week-end convention we will have one day free to roam the streets of Chicago (basically lots of shopping!) before heading home.
So basically you won't be hearing from us until late next week, we'll have lots of things to show you so stay tuned!
Have a lovely evening! 

Holly xxx

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