25 September 2014

Green Peccary Biker Jacket //

Hello everyone!

I haven't written a post in ages. Basically, I've had a super busy past couple of weeks : first I was ill, then I had a big presentation to do in front of my class at Uni, which I spent over a week and a half preparing for. When I wasn't working, I really didn't feel like going out and taking pictures. One thing I've learnt while making this blog is that you can force yourself to go out and work, but sometimes if you're not careful, your mood will effect your pictures and the post. I'm a perfectionist, and I always struggle with photos of me, and if I know I was moody/unhappy in a photo I will refuse to share it. Trying to overcome this issue! Summer has no problem. She always puts her emotions aside and pulls it off perfectly! Anyway, I did that presentation today, and as we finished lessons at 12 I decided to do as much as I could with my afternoon. So, Summer & I grabbed our matching biker jackets and went for a walk around town.

If you guys follow us on Instagram (hollyxread/summergoldilocks) you'll know that Summer made me buy this amazing jacket a few weeks ago. We picked it up straight away in Mango, because it's basically the perfect replica of Clary's jacket from The Mortal Instruments book series. I never expected to buy it, but it fit soooo perfectly and just looked so nice! I'm so happy with it, it's the perfect transitional piece, I can't wait to style it with winter dresses and skirts. It's a wood green colour, which I'm really loving at the moment! Obviously Summer had to buy the black version, it was pretty cool walking down the street with your twin in a matching jacket! 

This time next month, Summer & I will be in Chicago for the Supernatural convention (if you follow me on tumblr you'll know how much I love the show asdhskhfkjf). I keep pinching myself, is this really happening?! I still can't believe it, I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, and I can't wait to share it with you guys! I'll definitely be taking this jacket with me!

Holly xxxx


Holly is wearing : 
ripped jeans&bag : ASOS
basic grey shirt : Zara
Suede biker jacket : Mango
Lace up boots : Camden Market

Summer is wearing : 
ankle grazers skinny jeans : ASOS
green blouse : H&M (we've had this top for at least 2 yrs!)
shoes : Doc Martens
Suede biker jacket : Mango



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