18 September 2014

Duster Jacket

Hello everyone!

Ahhh, finally a new outfit post. I'm really sorry for the lack of activity, getting used to a new schedule was a lot harder than I anticipated! But today we finally went out and took some pictures! We had a ridiculously big online shopping spree last week-end. I don't think I can even justify it. I mean, I needed some new clothes for winter, but yeah. I mostly got casual & basic wear, as I tend to do a lot of layering in winter. I've been wanting a duster coat for a while now, & I fell in love with this one from asos. They had quite a few to choose from, and I spent ages trying to decide which one to go for, and they kept going out of stock, especially when Kylie Jenner wore one similar to this recently! I decided to get a lighter color in the end, because in autumn/winter I'm always wearing dark clothes, which is something I want to change this year! So I went for this baby blue color to brighten up my wardrobe a little! A duster coat is the perfect transitional piece for autumn. Not too heavy but just right for fighting the early winter chill. Holly is wearing our new asos high waisted cropped skinnies, which are nice & comfy yet the material is quite thick which is perfect for this weather. Paired with this basic dark grey top for a casual look, and owl print socks win every time!

In other news, we're seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy tonight (again :3 ) with our brother who hasn't seen it yet. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry watching it. Who knew a talking raccoon could do that? 
We also have a question to ask you guys. Most of the time, we put two looks in each post. But what do you guys think would be better? Stick to that or just dedicate one look per post? This will allow us to post more often, to have more content on the blog, but we kind of like putting our looks together? Tell us what you think! Have a lovely end of the week <3   
 Summer x



Holly is wearing:
Top: Zara
Trousers: Asos 

Summer is wearing:
All Asos except boots from Camden Market


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