6 September 2014

B & W

Hello all!

Here's a long portrait post today. I tried this hairstyle know as "milkmaid braids" a few days ago & I fell in love with the result. After yesterday's post I really wanted to try something different. I don't often wear my hair up, like a lot of people my hair is my safety blanket, & I always feel exposed in a way when I have it up whereas when it's down I can hide behind it. Also since it's curly I need a style that won't make it too frizzy and unmanageable! This look didn't take long to do at all, it's really easy and it's something you can do on your own. It's great when you're having a bad hair day too, I would recommend doing it on 2 or 3 day old hair so it holds better. I washed my hair yesterday and so the braids felt a bit loose,but thanks to a few clips it worked out ok! This look really shows off your features in a subtle effortless way. Holly french braided her hair on each side of her head, leaving the crown untouched. It's also really easy to do as you can do it by yourself with some practice. It's also a great alternative to having an undercut, especially for all those who are blessed with thick hair and a perfect hairline! (I envy you all). I love it as it adds an edge to your look without being too over the top. Hope you guys have a lovely w-e <3 S x



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