28 August 2014

Mango Jumper + Mom Jeans

Hello everyone! 
First of all look at that elf ear. Sorry we haven't posted an outfit post in a while, I've had some sort of stomach bug for the past few days but I'm on the mend now! A few weeks ago I discovered that there was going to be a Mango store right down my street in Poitiers, opposite Zara. Well, there goes my savings! Holly & I are going to Chicago in October so I desperately need some f/w clothes before we go! 

Anyway, I recently bought this jumper from Mango & I love it. I paired it with my favorite mom jeans which are so comfortable! I always struggle with outfits in winter as most of the time I end up wearing skinny jeans with huge jumpers and scarves. I've always loved jumpers that look smart and that are figure flattering, & I must admit most of them make my boobs look a little bulky and unattractive. This outfit made me feel like an artist living in a small apartment in a huge city somewhere, I just needed to put my hair up in a messy bun.  Have a lovely end of the week x

Mom jeans: Urban Outfitters
Jumper: Mango
Shoes: Doc Martens


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