24 August 2014

Autumn Wishlist 2014

Autumn Wishlist 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm currently curled up on the sofa in my pajamas about to watch Lord Of The Rings (again.) I haven't been very well for the past 2 days so to cheer myself up I've been window shopping online! There are so many things I want to buy at the moment so I made a wishlist on polyvore. I tried on this amazing mango jacket a few days ago & I can't believe I didn't buy it, the fit was amazing! This Autumn I want to try something a little different with my hair, I will probably wear it up more often! I'm also currently obsessing over duster coats, I've been trying to decide which one I like best on asos. I'm going to try and wear more colourful clothes, as my wardrobe currently consists of black everything. Holly & I are going to Chicago in October so I definitely need some more clothes before then! I also need a new bag for university.. & last of all, I can't stop listening to the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack. It's so cheerful and truly brightens up your day! Hope you guys are enjoying your week-end, I'm now going to drool over Aragorn & Legolas now hehe.
Summer x 

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