22 August 2014

A day in Bordeaux

Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago we visited the city Bordeaux for the day. It's a big, beautiful city, which seems to me as though it has not yet reached it's full potential. There are many empty spaces which could hold some exciting projects for the future. 
Never the less, we were blown away by the city's architecture, it has such a metropolitan vibe, everyone was so active; we walked around all day and yet didn't manage to see everything. There were little squares in every corner, lots of little coffee shops, cafes, and in the biggest streets, the trams, the best public transport in Bordeaux, would cross through. If you ever are in France, it's definitely worth a visit! We tried to capture the most stunning buildings, but the pictures don't do it justice!

I wore this new see-through Mango long sleeved top with a bralet from ASOS that awkwardly needed adjusting every single minute arghhhh, paired with these perfect grid print trousers from h&m, and heeled sandals from ASOS. 
Summer wore her new top from Zara which has a lovely lace detail, with her fave ripped jeans from Topshop, and Zara sandals. 
Hope you all have a lovely week-end, go see Guardians of The Galaxy if you can, it's on the top ten films I've seen in 2014 list, just brilliant!
Holly xx


There were hundreds of restaurants there, and a big main high-street with hundreds of great shops.


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