2 August 2014

A Day At The Beach

Hello everyone!

Just a little post today, went to the beach a few days ago in Royan & I'm still recovering from the heat! It was so incredibly hot and barely any shade and although I didn't get sun burnt much I still feel really hot and tired from that day! I just wore my light flowy top from with some simple embroidered shorts over my bikini. Although I eat healthily and work out, I wish I could say I was confident enough to take pictures of me in my bikini that day but hey. Maybe another time! It was amazing though, our Mexican friends have been over for the past two weeks and left this morning, we all had an amazing time but now I need to rest for a while! Holly & I have been thinking about going to the flat for a few days just so we can sleep and catch up on all the Comic Con panels gossip hehe. Hope you guys are having a lovely week-end xx


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