25 July 2014


Hello everyone!

It's literally been so hot this week that I haven't been able to do anything but go in the pool all day, it's only just bearable to walk around outside in the evening at 6-7 o'clock, which is when we took these pictures. I love the light at this time of day too, just perfect for photos (direct sunlight is never good!). I'm wearing my new H&M kimono, which was on sale for only 5 euros, with my high-waisted topshop skirt and black crop top from ASOS. I also stole my mum's shoes that she bought from Zara. I kept my make-up light because of the heat, and as always my hair with it's natural curls.
I also took some pictures of Summer wearing an amazing head piece, they will be on the blog soon! 

Hope you guys have a great week-end, the only place I actually want to be at is the San Diego Comic Con, it's my dream to go there one year and attend all my fave tv show/film panels (aka The Maze Runner, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, The Avengers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Hobbit.. and so many more!) I'm so passionate about film and tv series, I can't even imagine how awesome SDCC is!! Enjoy your day and stay cool! & for those lucky enough to experience Comic Con, have a good one! 

P.S : I'm very happy in the pictures but I look kinda miserable at times :P

Holly xxx



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