4 July 2014

June in film // Canon A 1

Hello everyone!

Here is yet another lot of film pictures we took recently. Hopefully we'll be doing another outfit post soon, we're currently moving so it's very chaotic here! This first picture is of a book I'm currently reading. It's about the concept of "ecological engineering" and it's a really interesting story!
My Nan was going through some pictures the other day and came across some from her childhood and teenage years, including the pictures she received from my Granddad during the war. Their story is so beautiful & touching, and looking at those old pictures made me realize just how special film photography is, it captures a time, a moment, a feeling. It was quite emotional seeing pictures of my Granddad that I had never seen before. I asked my Nan if she would mind if I shared their story, as it is very special and deserved to be known and shared. I will start working on it soon, it will take some time considering all the scanning and research I have to do ( finding out in which sector of the military he served in etc ). I only wish he was still here now, he was an incredible man.

Blogging at my grandparents house :3

Does this bridge seem familiar?


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