18 July 2014

Green & a touch of red

Hello everyone!

Wow this weather. is. amazing. It was 37.5' yesterday here in SW France and pretty much the same here today but with more humidity! I know a lot of people don't like close humid weather but I love it, I love the smell of earth and rain and the feel of hot summer air on my skin! Apparently we are getting thunderstorms tonight but hopefully not too much rain!

 We took these pictures earlier today, as soon as we walked outside we knew we had about 5 minutes before it started raining and funny enough as soon as Holly switched the camera on a few drops began to fall. It's always tricky dressing for this kind of weather, it's always best to wear something light that won't stick to your back and make you feel disgusting and in need of a shower. I decided to wear my leather green top with some shorts, sandals & simple make-up. I love this top because the fit is great as it isn't skin tight so I don't get too hot in it. Holly wore these amazing white shorts with a red embroidered floral design with a simple black top & slip on sandals. Living in this climate you would think that Holly & I would be pretty tanned right? Well, no. We remain as pale as ever (believe it or not we have got fake-tan on here!) with hundreds of freckles covering every inch of our skin. Oh, the joys of being British! Have a lovely w-e, Summer x


Holly is wearing: 

Top: Topshop
Shorts&Shoes: Zara

Summer is wearing: 

Top&Kimono: Zara
Shorts: H&M
Bag&Shoes: ASOS


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