30 July 2014

By the port

Helloooo everyone!
Big post today!
The weather has been so gorgeous lately, we couldn't resist a little trip to a nearby city called 'La Rochelle'. It's known for it's old port, which served as a trading place years ago. It has since been a very popular tourist hot spot, with thousand of visitors every summer (more information on LR in an old post!).

We started our afternoon with a little walk around the town, we bought ice-cream from it's famous ice-cream shop which has a huge variety of delicious flavors! After that we met up with our family and our friends to celebrate our parents wedding anniversary, & in the evening we dined on delicious Thai food. The pictures we took with the sunset are my favorite, I never get tired of the view!

I'm wearing a pretty casual outfit which I've worn several times due to my inability to properly pack for staying at home (the majority of my clothes are at my flat, grr), Summer decided to wear light clothes as we were walking around all the day in the sun, with a long-sleeved shirt to avoid sunburns. 

Hope everyone is having a good week, and making the most of the summer!
Holly xxx



Summer is wearing : 

Shoes : Zara
Shorts&Shirt : H&M
Bag & Watch : ASOS

Holly is wearing:

Shoes, Top, Skirt : ASOS
Bag : H&M
Kimono : Urban Outfitters

I decided to just go ahead with putting lemon juice all over my hair the other day and sit in the sun with it, to see if it does actually make it lighter, and it did! It was very messy and my hair needed a good condition afterwards, but it worked! 


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