8 July 2014

A touch of lace

Hello everyone!

It's so nice to come back to the city for a few days and relax, Summer & I have been so busy working the past few weeks, we wanted some time to ourselves so we could re-energize, work on the blog, meet up with some friends, and stay in bed all morning! We decided to take these pictures inside today, we just couldn't be bothered to go out, it was raining, and it's always nice to play around with the natural light coming through the huge windows in our flat. Summer is wearing her new lace top and midi skirt both from ASOS with a special family necklace. I didn't do anything special today so I kept it simple with my H&M shorts, basic cami from Topshop, and this amazing woolly cardigan from Charlotte Russe (I think it's the perfect item to wear when you're at home and you want to be all cozy!). I'm also wearing my new slip-on sandals from Zara, it seems to be the new trend at the moment, but these are made in a way that they don't slip off your feet when you're walking, which is great. 
We both decided to wear eye-liner in these pictures, it's always nice when you have the time to apply it, & L'Oreal gel liner is so good, my eyes water alot, so I always used to end up smudging it and it looked awful, which is why I never put the effort into wearing it, but with this product it NEVER smudges, it's waterproof. I'm so happy with it!  
We spent the rest of the day blogging, blasting movie soundtracks, and reading Game Of Thrones and Tuf Voyaging, both written by George RR Martin (I suggest you guys read the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' books, there is so, SO much more compared to the series, & it's so magical. We will write an article on books soon!)
Hope you guys like these photos! Have a lovely week!

Holly xx

I really should have cleaned my shoes, sorry!

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