20 June 2014

Summer evenings

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun! Summer & I are very laid back people, our favorite thing to do in the  summer (among seeing our friends of course!) is chilling by the pool. We took these photos in our garden; Summer wore her new mom jeans from Topshop which are sooo nice & perfect for summer evenings as they're nice and comfy and not hot and sticky (skinny jeans in summer? ugh yeah you know that feeling), they're very popular at the moment, with my new patterned crop top from Urban Outfitters. As you may have noticed, we often swap clothes and borrow each-others things, being twins it's something we have always done and no, it's not annoying! I decided to wear my cover-up dress over my swimsuit, it's a bit see-through but nice and light (perfect for chilling around when you're not really doing much) with my new pointy shoes, both from H&M.

I'm wearing minimal make-up in these photos, usually I don't wear any during the summer, because I hate the cakey feeling when it's hot out, and it's starts melting off and blah blah, so I usually use BB cream, and this one from maybelline is super light and is SPF 15, it's perfect for the summer. I also colour in my eyebrows (because I like the result and my eyebrows are so blond you can't even see them) and use a eyebrow mascara to finish it off.

I'd also like to thank everyone for your emails of support and requests, it's very exciting for us and we always look forward to creating more content, and making things more interesting. We got our film photos developed today so we can't wait to show them to you!
I hope you guys like these photos! Enjoy your week-end :)



Bandit & Tinkerbell!

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