11 June 2014

Instagram/VSCOCam diary - Pt 1

Hello everyone!

I got back from our trip in England earlier today and it was sooo amazing. I stayed with my grandparents in North London for the first week & then with my other grandparents in Hertfordshire. Everytime I go back there I expect to take loads of pictures, but when you are walking around Oxford Street and Knightsbridge finding a time and place to take some pictures is much more difficult than you think, so most of the time Holly & I just took a few snaps on her iPod.

Chicken Tikka Masala anyone?

- Everytime I visit I always make the most of the food, there are so many diverse places you can go to. Although I've lived in France for most of my life one of the things I miss the most in the uk is the food. If you live in the UK. I hope you realize how lucky you are to have crumpets. custard creams, Burger King, Pubs... During our 10 day stay we had a chinese, two indians, two pub lunches (Fish n' Chips and Pie, because when you go to a Pub in England you need to have something british hehe) an insane Burger with Chips from an amazing place in Carnaby Street and a Burger King. & I regret nothing.

- Holly & I usually go back for 10 days or two weeks every summer to see family and go shopping. I usually end up disappointed because I make a list of all the things I want to buy & end up buying only one thing I didn't even expect to buy. So we went to Oxford St & Knightsbridge in London for the whole day, I unfortunately didn't find a bikini or sandals or summery dresses that I was looking for, but I bought these mom jeans from Urban Outfitters and they are so comfy and you can get so many outfits from it. 

- On the 4th we went to Thorpe Park with some friends. It was actually a surprise birthday treat for our friend Jake who lives in London, & so for the past few weeks we were planning this surprise with his girlfriend Eloise and it was such a great day. Although the Saw ride scared the hell out of me. Again. After that we all returned to London and had some tea and went for a walk by the Thames :3

Eloise, Jake, Holly & Kate
I'll do another post later in the week :) Do you guys know of any good places in London? Hope you are all having a nice week xxx S.

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