28 June 2014

Friends & coffee shop stops // Canon a1

Maeve, Jake, India & Holly

Hellllo everyone!
I was woken up at 7 this morning by the kid I was babysitting. 7 am. On a Saturday urgh. Where do kids get all their energy from?! At least I had a good nights sleep, poor Holly wasn't as lucky!
We're back at home at the moment currently helping my parents moving loads of furniture from one place to the other so it's a little chaotic right now, but I still have some film pictures I haven't shared yet. I took these a couple of months back, our friend Jake came over to visit so we met up with Maeve & India, and went out together in town one afternoon. Jake has a pretty cool wardrobe, I wish I had that denim jacket.

I've been thinking about writing in french on the blog as well, any thoughts? Have a lovely week-end peeps!
Summer x

Kaine, Jake & India!


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