13 April 2014

March & April in film part I

Hello everyone!
Today I've decided to share some more of our film photos taken on our Canon a1 film camera. We're still learning how to use it, which is why some of the pictures are blurry/over exposed, too much light was let in through the lens, but I quite like the effect it gives on some of the photos. 
I've always said how much I love photography, but to me film is so much more special, not only do you have to be creative in how you decide to shoot the picture, you have a limited number of takes and once it's taken, there's no going back, I just think that whole aspect of it makes it much more interesting and special, photography is so overused in our culture today and it's always nice to see people still using film photography, and I love seeing people's different techniques and what they like to bring out in their pictures. (of course if you use a film camera please comment, we'd love to see you pictures!) 
Here is a collection of pictures we've taken over the past couple of weeks, the pictures were scanned so sorry again for the bad quality! Please let us know what you think :) Hope you all have a lovely week-end! 
- Holly xxx


Top : Zara / Skirt : Topshop

Holly - feeling tall 

Birthday cards for our 19th! 11.03
our cactai!


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