7 February 2014

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Holly & Kate - *
Hello all!

The title of this post if dedicated to the film "American Hustle" that we saw last night. It's a great film & definitely worth seeing, with great acting, music & cinematography. Now I can't stop listening to the soundtrack, it's amazing :3 
So yesterday Holly, our friend Kate & myself went to a local park and shot these! (Sorry we didn't post last week, my SD card died :( ) I can't believe we haven't been there before, it's truly such a beautiful place. It was lovely to escape the town with all it's people & buses to the quiet and somewhat magical park. (+ there were really cute guinea pigs and other animals :3 ) It was surprisingly sunny yesterday despite the horrible gusts of wind and so a perfect opportunity to take some pictures. We have been using our Canon A-1 film camera a lot lately, but the pics take about a week to get developed urgh but hopefully I will be able to share them with you guys soon :) I decided to brave the heels yesterday which I'm slightly beginning to regret right now (my feet, the pain D: I have so much respect for people who wear heels everyday! YOU GO!) I wore Holly's ridiculously comfortable leggings with a boyfriend coat. Holly wore some skinny jeans & a casual H&M top. Let us know what you think :) Have a lovely week-end xxx 

*All photos captioned with * were taken on Kates camera, check her blog out here! x


Holly is wearing: 
Coat: Next

Summer is wearing:
Boyfriend coat, print top, boots:Topshop
leggings: Zara



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