9 January 2014

Shiny new shoes

 Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely christmas break, we're back at our apartment now after spending the last few weeks at home with our family watching Breaking Bad & Lord Of The Rings in our onesies. It was amazing. We're back at our apartment now & took these photos this afternoon, it was the first time in a while that I actually bothered putting make up on and dressing normally ( I spend 60% of the time in my pyjamas ) For christmas we both got some new clothes & shoes that we are wearing here. These outfits are casual but dressed up at little bit, the shoes are rather smart-looking and the coats never disappoint :) Let us know what you think! Oh and yes I cut most of Hollys' hair off, she's been thinking about it for a while & asked me a couple of days ago if I would mind cutting it for her. I love the new look, and I might just do the same to my hair as I've had the same hair style for the past 3 years! Lots of love lovelies xxx

Holly is wearing:
Coat: Dorothy Perkins
Jumper: Zara(new)
Leggings: Zara(new)
Shoes: Doc Martens(new)

Summer is wearing:
Coat: Next (new)
Jumper: Topshop (new)
Jeans: Topshop (new)
shoes: Camden Market (new)
Scarf: Zara

( My hands look so creepy and small here)

so new and shiny


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