16 January 2014

On a rainy day

Hello everyone!

We were supposed to venture outside today and visit a local park, but the weather has been so bad and it hasn't stopped raining, so we decided to take some photos inside and share what we do on a rainy day. :)
Over the past week, Summer & I have watched at least a couple of days worth of films and television series : We are FINALLY up to date with Once Upon a Time, Sherlock (Hiatus NO), Teen Wolf and Supernatural. It was probably a bad idea watching them all in under a week, seeing as I cried over every single one. We also went to see The Wolf of Wall Street, which was pretty damn amazing.
Also I'm so so soo happy to say that I finally got our Canon A1 film camera working again, so expect some pictures from that soon!
Hopefully the weather isn't too bad wherever you guys are, then again I shouldn't be complaining after hearing about Australia and America ^^
Hope you all have a lovely week!
Holly xxx

Everything Summer is wearing is from Topshop.
Holly is wearing: 
Jumper : Zara (new)
Skirt : H&M
Heels : Newlook
Necklace : River Island


Book suggestions : I've recently finished reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, which was brilliant! Summer just finished reading 'Vampire Academy' by Michelle Mead, which, what I've been told, is also very good! (Summer hasn't stopped talking about it, so i'm guessing it's definitely worth a read :P )

The Mockingjay


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