5 December 2013

Thursday Afternoon

Hello everyone!

How has your week been going? Summer & I saw Catching Fire this time last week, & I'm STILL not over it. Wow. I finally understand why Summer was so happy her favorite actor was playing Finnick. 
Anyway, most of our lessons were cancelled this week at University as film-makers from around the world visited our town, there were meet & greets and film screenings, so we got quite alot of free time. 
We decided to shoot these photos inside our apartment, as we are very lucky to have huge windows in every room which let in so much natural light, that's why we decided to shoot some portraits. 
We've been discussing photography & different photographers work recently, I just love how everyone has a different method, and how each picture is unique. Portraits are definitely my favorite at the moment. 

Oh, & Christmas is soooo near! It's my favorite time of the year, I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit! Another thing I've been loving : Wearing huge jumpers as often as I can. & There is nothing better than getting in from the freezing cold & putting your warm fluffy socks & pyjamas on :3 (as you can probably tell, I love feeling comfortable :P ) 
Summer is wearing a beautiful dress from River Island & her Topshop jumper. Everything you see me in is from H&M. :)
Have a lovely end of the week guys!





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