25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

..& a happy new year!
We've been enjoying our holidays in the UK with our family this year, & it's been so lovely!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year- the decorations, the food, the lights, the presents! London is definately alive with Christmas spirit. We received some lovely gifts : including the DVD's & books you can see here & our festive jumpers :3 perfect for the occasion!
Here are some shots of our outfits and the xmas celebrations, we hope you had as good of a Christmas as we did. H xxx
I love dressing up for this season but to be honest Christmas day is all about comfort, (It's hard to enjoy dinner when you're wearing a tight high waisted skirt!) I doubt I will be able to fit into any of my clothes for the next few days as I've eaten soooo much D: After dinner I just collapsed of the sofa unable to move, but it was totally worth it. But hey, it's just once a year right? As I'm typing this I'm wearing a zebra onesie my Nan got me for x-mas, perfect for just lousing around & watching films, which is what we normally do after dinner. Merry Christmas! xxx S.



Holly is wearing : 
Christmas jumper : boohoo
leather skirt : Zara
chunky heels : Topshop
& a harry potter timeturner necklace!

Summer is wearing : 
Christmas jumper : boohoo
a-line skirt : H&M
Heels : Topshop




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