30 December 2013

Camden Town

Hello everyone!

Holly & I are back home in France after spending a lovely Christmas in England with our family.
I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas break! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2013, it's been such a great year & I can't wait to see what 2014 brings, Holly & I already have a lot planned for the new year and I'm so excited :D
For our last day in England we decided to go to Camden & our brother Harley came along with us, despite the weather it was a great day & a good way to end our trip. I love Camden & it's atmosphere, it's a pretty awesome place so if ever you're in London you should definitely go check it out!
As it was quite cold out I decided to wear my plain skinny jeans with a new checked print top & I borrowed my brothers Harrington jacket. Holly wore her new checked print coat with leggings and her new scarf :D We may not post a lot for the next few days as I want to spend it with some friends and family, catch up on tv shows and have a few movie marathons ( Lord Of The Rings & Harry Potter :3 ) Lots of love! xx

Holly is wearing:
Coat: Next(new)
leggings: Zara(new)
shoes: Topshop
bag: Zara

Summer is wearing:
top: Topshop(new)
jeans: Topshop
shoes: Zara
jacket: Harrington jacket


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