10 November 2013


Hello all! 

If you follow us on twitter and instagram, you must know by now that we've been having problems posting on blogger for the past two weeks, but we finally managed to fix it! It turns out it was this anti-virus thingy that was blocking it or something... But moving on, here are some outfits we wore this week . At the moment I've been wearing alot of jumpers with skirts and tights, as it's an easy combination to dress up if you're going out, just add some heels and there you have it! So I wore my all time favorite ankle boots with a high waisted skirt and this new jumper I bought from Zara, it is soooo comfy and warm , plus it looks great with a pair of jeans! Holly is wearing our cropped fluffy jumper with a high waisted a-line skirt ( probably our favorite piece of clothing right now) . Let us know what you think of these combos! :)

We've always found our photos come out better when we are in a good mood, (I often find that if you're not in the mood to take photos or you don't feel up to it, it's better to just stay in & take some for yourself. If you're not motivated or in a bad mood, it will show in your pictures, as we have learnt from past experiences! ) and in these you can tell by our really smiley faces that we were happy, the reason for that is that just before we took them we were outside the theatre admiring the view when a woman walked up to us & asked if we were twins, it turns out she was the singer of the music group "Moriarty" & she was peforming in a theatre show that night, and she offered us some tickets! Right place right time or what?! 

Hope you enjoy this post, have a lovely day peeps! xx


Summer is wearing:
jumper: Zara (new)
skirt: River Island
bag: Zara
shoes: Topshop

Holly is wearing:
jumper: Topshop
necklace: H&M
skirt: H&M
shoes: Topshop


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