21 November 2013

In the rain

Hello all!
First of all. IT'S ALREADY SNOWING. Winter is coming
Moving on, when we took these it was so cold & as you might be able to tell it was absolutely pouring down with rain, but we had so much fun shooting these photos. Because of this they haven't come out sharp, some even a bit too blurry but I quite like the way they look? What do you think? 
One good thing about this weather is that I can go out with my woolly hat and scarf :3 
Also there aren't that many pictures of me, the reason being because I thought my nose looked like the size of jupiter while i'm wearing my glasses (ergh.). 
We wanted to wear colours that would stand out a bit, & I absolutely love the contrast between the background and the strong colour of the scarf & hat. 
Summer & I have our exams coming up this month in our university course, so we may be a bit busy over the next few weeks! Hope you enjoy these, & to those who leave comments thankyou so much, it means alot to us :) 


creep face


Holly is wearing : 
Checked shirt : Zara(new)
Tweed coat : Dorothy Perkins
Wool hat : Zara
High waisted skirt : Topshop
Chunky ankle boots : Topshop
gloves : H&M

Summer is wearing : 
Jumper : Zara
Skirt : River Island
Shoes : Zara
Coat : H&M
Scarf : Zara


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