4 October 2013



Hello all!

Currently recovering from a cold :( Just when you think it's autumn & you get the coats and tights out, suddenly it's hot again and the next thing you know you have a horrible cough & feel all wheezy.
I love this time of year, wearing comfy jumpers and socks , yet still being able to wear "light" clothes.
 In this look we're just wearing some casual clothes which are perfect for just going out to UNI and shopping or whatever. I've finally invested in to a new pair of shoes! As you guys have probably noticed I've been wearing the same Topshop ankle boots in every. single. look. So it was time to buy another pair, I got these beauties from Zara, they are very comfy & add a lot to a simple laid-back outfit like this one! Holly added a detailed necklace to her new black t-shirt/dress.   S xx


Holly is wearing :
long top/dress : Asos(new)
ankle boots: Topshop
eagle detail necklace: H&M(new)
bag: Zara(new)

Summer is wearing:
top: H&M
skirt: Topshop
leather strap ankle boots: Zara(new)
cropped jacket: Topshop


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