5 September 2013

September Favorites

Hello everyone!
Summer & I have been really busy this week, as we've moved out of our family home to our apartment in Poitiers, where we will be studying at University (which explains our lack of posts!). 
We haven't had time to go out and take pictures, & our student status is a constant reminder that we can't afford to buy tonnes of new clothes (arghfkhdf), but we have some pretty cool outfit ideas in mind that we can't wait to share! 
Today we decided to post something different : here are our essentiel make-up products, most of which we use daily. 

Naked Basics eye-shadow palette, perfect for creating a smokey eye.

A life saver for those who have light eyebrows & want to add more definition

I've been using a different technique the past few days : I've been mixing Dream Fresh BB cream with True Match foundation before applying to my face : it's a perfect match for me, it's makes my skin a bit dewy, or 'glowy'. The BB cream helps moisturize it, while the foundation covers blemishes.

My friends bought me this a few weeks ago : Victoria's Secret fragrance, a really fruity scent which really wakes me up!

The best mascara I've ever used. This one will always be my favorite.

The sequel to the book 'The Maze Runner' , I highly recommend them!

I never take these rings off. I bought them from a beautiful jewelry shop in La Rochelle.

H&M jewelry

For anyone who wants healthy looking hair, Ojon does the job. 

Currently obsessed with plants at the moment.

My all-time favorite perfume, Dior Addict.

My favorite moisturizer, an anti-shine & pore minimizer. 


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