29 August 2013

Ooh la la

Summer & Holly
Hello peeps! Looooads of photos for todays post.
Here are some photos of Summer & I that we took in our apartment a couple of days ago. 
The apartment can only be described as typically french- quite old, big windows, high ceilings, varnished wooden floor and marble fireplaces, a lot of character!
I decided to wear some light shorts with a loose top, to avoid to getting too hot in the boiling weather. I'm hoping to save up for minimalistic jewelry (like Jennifer Zeuner pleeeease!) as the shorts are very detailed and the statement piece of the outfit.
Summer decided to wear her light floral printed dress, made by the perfect material for the summer, it looks great when paired with a leather jacket. We love our new bags, (cats rule) but most of all we're in love with the feel of this lovely french city. We decided to go see Kick Ass 2 at the cinema in the evening, which has motivated me to get fit and be kung fu ninja type gal! Also all our spare time is dedicated to watching as many episodes of Teen Wolf as humanly possible (Dylan O'Brien & Daniel Sharman :3 ).

Holly is wearing : 

Shorts & Top : Topshop
Purse : Mango
Bag : Zara
Bracelet : pandora

Summer is wearing : 

Dress : Newlook



  1. Lovely outfits <3 Really love your blog, it's so unique. :)

    Sarah x

  2. You two are SOOOOO cute!
    I wish I had a twin, or a sister, at least - it would be much easier to take pictures for the blog then :)
    You are doing great! Love your blog :)


    1. Awwh thanks so much! Means alot! It must be difficult, we're lucky because we have eachother & photograph eachother :)

  3. cute girls :)


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