26 August 2013

La Rochelle

A few weeks ago Holly & I went to La Rochelle with our family and some friends.
La Rochelle is a beautiful city located in SW France, founded in the 10th Century. The city has truly kept in touch with it's historically rich past through it's architecture and it's boat-building industry, not to mention it's booming tourism! The main bit in La Rochelle is the ''Vieux Port'', (the Old Harbour) and is visually beautiful especially at night, with hundreds of seafood restaurants surrounding it, as well as many street performers and the market which makes the City feel very alive. It really is one of my favorite places in France
 ( especially the Chinese restaurant & the ice cream parlour :3 )
I wore my new jumper from Topshop along with a new skirt from H&M as it was a little chilly in the evening, I paired that with my usual heeled ankle boots. Holly went for the lovely daisy print dress and new jacket.
The jacket is truly amazing not only because it has a hood and it's really warm and comfy, but it has loads of pockets which is great. Enjoy! :)


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