16 August 2013

Girls in London

Summer & Holly
 On our last day in the UK, Summer & I decided to meet up with our cousins in London who we haven't seen in ages. It was so nice catching up with family, living in a different country makes it so difficult to keep in touch, but we had such an amazing time, we pretty much have the same interests so there was loads to talk about! Since they know London alot better then Summer & I, they suggested a couple of places to visit : first of all we went to Knightsbridge, where we visited a few shops aswell as Harrods, and Selfridges, we also tried out Yo-Sushi, a first for Summer & I! After spending a couple of hours in Knightsbridge, we made our way back to Oxford Circus, and walked down to Carnaby Street. I love Lily & Polly's style, they have amazing taste in fashion! Have you been to London? If so where are your favorite spots to visit?

S & Polly


Holly is wearing : 
Dress : Topshop (new)
Bag : Newlook
Ankle boots : Topshop

Summer is wearing : 
Dress : Newlook (new)
Ankle boots : Topshop
Bag : Newlook



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