10 August 2013

A Day In London



During our trip in England, we went to London several times. On this occasion, we had the chance to go to the V&A Museum for the Club to Catwalk: 80's Fashion exhibition which was really interesting! We also had a walk around London and visited several parks & markets ( Holly & I , being the fangirls we are, decided to go to 221B Baker Street ). London truly is a beautiful place, filled with people who all have their own individual style. It's fascinating to see so many different looks all in one place. I love it!
On this day the weather was amazing, & for the first time in years in England, I actually went out without a jacket! We decided to wear something light so we didn't have to dive into a shop every five minutes for the air con, and comfy shoes because once again we did a lot of walking!

Summer is wearing :

Topshop polka dress
Bag: River Island
Ankle boots: Topshop

Holly is wearing:

Dress: H&M
Bag: River Island



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