15 July 2013

Into The Wild


Hello everyone! It's the summer holidays! *JUMPS AROUND* Finally. These past few weeks have been really really horrible. Not only have we been doing our exams ( which we passed with good grades )  but we have also been moving house and going to our apartment every other day, so everyone at home has been a bit on edge and stressed out. Hélas, our house has been sold, we have put most of our furniture into our apartment and we passed our exams. Now we can finally enjoy the lovely summer weather doing absolutely nothing.
We have spent the past few days reading, watching Supernatural , catching up with friends and going on tumblr. I love spending my summer holidays at home. Rural France is a beautiful , peaceful place in the summer. We took these photos in our garden on a lovely sunny afternoon! x

Holly is wearing : 
Dress : H&M
Watch: Vintage

Summer is wearing:
Blue lace dress: River Island



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