6 June 2013

First post!

Hello everyone!

First of all a little introduction is in order I think.

My name is Summer, and my twin Holly & I have finally to decided to set up our fashion blog.

We are 18 year old British twins, currently residing in S-W rural France. 

We are passionate about fashion & make-up, and we enjoy taking photos in our spare time.

At the moment, we are still at school studying, but once our exams are over, we hope to go to university next year. School days are very long in France, and it's hard to find a time and place to take photos of an outfit. Living in rural France means that there are few places to take photos, and being surrounded by sheep and fields isn't always very motivating or inspiring! But hopefully if all goes well, next year we will be spending more time in Town , where we will have more time to take photos and blog.



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